Insider coaching secrets for tougher kids & stronger teams

Today I’m gonna talk about a lot of great tactics and strategies that should be super-useful for you!

In fact, I’m *literally* going to talk - I was recently a guest on my friend Craig Haworth’s Winning Youth Coaching Podcast.

It was great talking coaching with Craig and we went really deep on some very actionable stuff you guys will appreciate! In fact, I thought the interview would be about 40 minutes, but we ended up going for over an hour and 15 minutes!

There’s some great stuff in here that I haven’t written about before, and we tried our best to keep it focused on areas that would be most helpful to you guys.

To make it even easier and save you some time (and in case you want to skip around), I threw together some time-stamped notes below, so you can either listen all the way through or jump to what most sparks your interest!

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How the best teams keep filling their roster every year

The ultimate guide for creating a never-ending flow of highly engaged players into your program year after year.

I felt like a failure.

I played lots of sports growing up, but wrestling was where I excelled. It became my passion. And my passion lead to a job coaching the varsity wrestling team at my old high school. I was 23 years old, recently out of college, and couldn’t be more excited to start leading young men to victory on the mats.

Then reality punched me in the face and broke my nose.

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